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How old should my child be to start hockey? Should we do learn to skate or a hockey program first? Who has the best house hockey program? Should my child move up to travel hockey? Is it ok to play up a year? Should my daughter play on a boys team? My child's on the bubble and at risk of getting cut, now what? What are the best camps and clinics to go to? Is this practice equipment worth the money? Where can I find a good dry land program?

These are all really great questions, and there are so many more just like it that you will find yourself asking as you navigate the amazing world of hockey.  It's a little overwhelming though, isn't it?  Unfortunately, there is no one at the rinks to help us parents out.  I've been there, done that, (made some good and bad choices) and seem to have become the go to hockey person within my local circle to answer these tough questions.  I created this site because the other one available is flooded with trash that the average parent doesn't want to have to dig through to find factual and good information.  You can also schedule a consultation with me to help assess where your hockey player is at and to develop a plan to get them to where they want to be because, That's How We Do!