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As a hockey parent let me start off by acknowledging that this year has sucked! Covid in MI has put a damper on hockey like no other. Tryouts didn't happen, kids ended up on teams they shouldn't have, games are forbidden (unless you are willing to go out of state because hockey is safe in some states and not in others... ok I digress), locker rooms are a no no, forget team parties or dinners... We have had the longest practice season EVER and our hockey players are tired of it. It is my sincere prayer that Spring will bring on a new season and clean start.

With that comes this site, which I hope will be your go to place to look up GOOD information about teams and their tryouts. (Team/Staff rating system to come soon.) You will be able to find out how to get your child into hockey, beneficial training tools, skill coaches, dry land workouts, and so much more.

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